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If you're looking to improve the strength of your plants Power Si is one of the best non-nutritional amendments you can use. Power Si is unlike other silicon amendments, it works quickly and well.

Adding Power Si to your nutritional regimen results in noticeably thicker& stronger stems. Power Si works as a transport agent bringing nutrients from your root zone to the rest of your plant. You'll notice improved strength and vigor as Power Si works really well to transport nutrients e.g. calcium from the root zone to the top of your plant.

The Benefits of Power Si


Silica in the form of silicic acid will strengthen your plants inside and out. Thicker stalks and stems, more lateral branching, and better nutrient availability. The entire line is fortified with silicic acid which will enhance every aspect of your garden.


Plants grown with our line will ensure optimum health which will allow you to achieve the genetic potential of your plants. Lateral branching and tight internodal spacing will give you a canopy full of tops giving you uniform flowers and high yields.


Designed for growers by growers. This line will produce high-quality flowers. This blend of plant extracts will ensure more resin, more terps, and higher concentrate yields. They have spent years testing before releasing Power Si to make sure they are delivering clean nutrients that will take your garden to the next level.

Unlike other silicate supplements, a crop’s metabolic buffer-time is fully addressed by the manufacturers of Power Si. Formulated with silicic acid and an array of micro/macronutrients, Power Si is the only silicate supplement on the market that allows for quick and easy absorption within the first 24 hours. Maximum Yield magazine confirms this claim about Power Si in the lines:

"Power Si is the original, patented formula of bioavailable silica for plants with the added benefit of amino acids. Silicon (in the form of Silicic Acid) strengthens cell walls, increases nutrient uptake, and stimulates an immune response. Many other commonly used silicate products are not bioavailable and therefore take longer and need microbial interaction to become available to the plant."

(Maximum Yield, Power Si, para. 8)


Power Si provides better resistance to both abiotic stress (environmental: temperature, wind and drought) and biotic stress (living: pests and pathogens). It increases cell structures and the epidermis layer resulting in stronger plants with thicker stems to increase dry weight. Power Si also has the ability to reduce and control the space between internodes caused by temperature stress and bad nutrition. It increases resistance against salinity (nutrient salt build up) and reduces transpiration (loss of moisture from the leaves). Often, you see improved results within just a few days, especially when used as a foliar spray.


Power Si is the original, patented formula of bio-available silica for plants with the added benefit of amino acids. Silicon (in the form of Silicic Acid) strengthens cell walls, increases nutrient uptake, and stimulates immune response. Many other commonly used silicate products are not bioavailable and therefore take longer and need microbial interaction to become available to the plant. Silicic acid is the fastest way to deliver silicon. Silicic acid also has a positive interaction with calcium so you will see increased benefits and calcium usage with Power Si.


Silicon is the second most abundant element on earth. Recent research has proven it to be vital for optimal plant growth, strength, and resistance to plant stress. Orthosilicic acid is the stabilized form that transforms into monosilicic acid when mixed in water. Plants need silicon converted to silicic acid In order to be readily absorbed by the root system. This process will eventually occur on its own with microbial interaction but takes much longer. Orthosilicic acid is the fastest, most effective way to deliver the optimal benefits of silicon to your plants.


Power Si is intended for use with any program you are already using. In fact, it optimizes the effects of all other nutrients by acting as a transporter for other elements. Think of it as a vehicle to help pull necessary elements and nutrients up through the root system and into the plant walls. This increases general plant strength, health, and nutrition. It’s very important to remember to add clean H20 before any other nutrient.


Some of the effects seen with Power Si can appear like those of plant growth regulators (PGRs), Power Si contains no synthetic or unnatural PGRs. The key thing to understand is that silicic acid works with natural plant mechanisms rather than trying to manipulate in unnatural ways.


Power Si is pure, concentrated, and fast acting, making it extremely cost effective. The application rate is 3ml per 5 Gallons so you use a very small amount compared to other silicate products. Bioactive silicon is also much more readily absorbed by the plant than other silicates. Many new products claim silicic acid since it’s a trending technology. Power Si is the original, patented formula of silicic acid for plants, and is a much more affordable option than competing brands.


No, unlike many other silica products, Power Si doesn't raise the PH of your water and can also stay in your reservoir without creating unwanted residue.

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