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LED Grow Light Accessories

Milosh Potikj | 10 janvier 2024 | 13 MIN READ

LED Grow Light accessories might just be the secret ingredient to turning your indoor gardening endeavors from mediocre to magnificent. Have you invested in quality LED grow lights and faithfully tended to your indoor plants, and yet they still aren't flourishing as expected?

Then, it's time to go beyond the basics. All it might take is the addition of a few key accessories to level up your indoor garden.

From growth-enhancing tents to fans and filters that perfect the airflow, these additions can revolutionize your plant care routine. Let's dive in and explore these game-changing tools in more detail.

Essential Accessories for LED Grow Lights

Essential Accessories for LED Grow Lights

Certain key accessories are indispensable to truly harness the power of LED grow lights and create an optimal environment for indoor plants. They elevate your growing setup, ensuring that everything from climate control to lighting efficiency is expertly managed for peak plant performance.

Grow Tents

Grow tents make it easy to garden inside. They are great for people who live in places without a yard. These tents help plants grow because they keep light in and give plants just what they need.

You can put them almost anywhere, like a corner of your room or an empty closet.

A tent that is 4 feet by 2 feet works well with LED lights that use about 200 to 300 watts of power. This setup will help you get more fruits, veggies, or flowers from your indoor garden.

Grow tents save space and energy, which is good for both the environment and your wallet.

Fans and Filters

Fans and filters are key to keeping your plants happy under LED grow lights. You need good air circulation so the leaves can breathe and stay cool. Think of fans as a fresh breeze that moves heat away from your plants. They help prevent mold, pests, and other problems.

Filters clean the air and kick out bad smells. When you pair a carbon filter with an exhaust fan, it grabs onto odors before they leave your grow tent. Inline duct fans pull fresh air in and push stale air out.

This setup is a must-have for any indoor garden using LED lights, especially if you want to keep things low-key with less smell.

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Other LED Grow Light Accessories

Other LED Grow Light Accessories

  1. Hanging Ropes: Adjustable ropes are essential for maintaining the correct distance between your plants and the LED grow light.
  2. Protective Glasses: LED grow lights emit strong light that can be harmful to your eyes. It's recommended to use protective glasses when you are around them.
  3. Light Timer: An automatic timer can help you manage the light cycles for your indoor garden, ensuring plants receive the right amount of light at the correct times.
  4. Power Cord: A long, durable power cord is necessary for flexibility in positioning your LED grow light.
  5. Heat Sink: An accessory that helps dissipate the heat generated by LED lights, preventing overheating and potential damage.
  6. Light Meter: This tool measures the amount of light that your plants are receiving. It's very useful for optimizing growth conditions.
  7. Reflective Material: Used to line the walls of your growing area to ensure light is distributed evenly and no energy is wasted.

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How to Choose LED Grow Light Accessories

How to Choose LED Grow Light Accessories

Navigating the myriad options of LED grow light accessories can feel overwhelming, but honing in on the right additions for your setup is crucial for optimal plant growth. It's about pinpointing what complements your specific lighting system and caters to the unique requirements of your indoor garden—let's delve into the criteria that will guide you to make smart, tailored choices for enhancing your horticultural endeavors.

Compatibility With Your LED Grow Light

Your LED grow light should work well with other gear you use to help your plants. It needs to match the power and type of accessories you pick, like fans or filters. Look for lights that can handle add-ons without losing energy efficiency. They should also give out light in all the colors your plants need – just like sunlight does.

Make sure your LED grow light can shine brightly enough for happy, healthy growing plants. Such a light will have full spectrum capabilities, offering all the important wavelengths from blue to red. This helps leaves and branches develop just right.

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Size of Your Indoor Garden

Understanding which accessories will work best with your LED light is a big step. Now, let's talk about fitting the right size and number of lights in your space. The area you have for growing plants plays a big role in how many LED lights you should buy.

You'll want to use about 40 watts of power for each square foot of garden space. This rule helps make sure your plants get enough light.

For small spaces, one high-output LED could be enough because these are very bright. But if you've got more room, you might need several units to cover the ground properly. It's like putting together pieces of a puzzle; every piece needs to fit just right so that the whole picture comes into view perfectly lit and full of life! Keep in mind height, too – with high-output LEDs, there's no need to move them up or down as they provide great brightness at any level above your plants.

Durability And Brand Reputation

Lights that last long are important for growing plants. You want lights that keep working without problems. Look for strong and tough grow lights from brands that people trust. Good brands make products that don't break easily and work well for a long time.

Before you buy grow lights, check how well they are made. See if the brand is known for quality and if they have been around for a while. A good brand usually means you're getting something worth your money.

Reliable brands often give great service, too, in case you need help or have questions about their lights.

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Strong and well-known brands may cost a bit more, but they often last longer. Now, let's talk about your budget. You want to get the most for your money when buying LED grow light accessories.

It's smart to think about both the price per watt and the price per micro mol. This way, you're not just saving money upfront but also getting better efficiency over time.

LED grow lights are better now than before, and their prices are dropping. Yet, picking out gear can still hit your wallet hard if you don't plan right. Look for cost-effective options that meet your needs without going overboard on features you won't use.

Invest in quality that matches what you can spend, and watch how it helps your indoor garden thrive!

Photontek X 465W Pro LED Grow Light

Photontek X 465W Pro LED Grow Light

Diving into the world of high-performance horticulture lighting, the Photontek X 465W Pro LED Grow Light stands out with its cutting-edge engineering—promising to optimize your indoor growing experience through superior illumination.

With a sleek build and energy-efficient output, this light beckons growers who are serious about maximizing their plant's potential.

Features & Description

The Photontek X 465W Pro LED Grow Light shines bright for your indoor plants. With a full spectrum of light, it's like giving your greens the best rays of the sun right inside your grow room or tent.

This light is built tough, with high-grade materials and top-bin LEDs that last long and save energy. Its design ensures every part of your plant gets light evenly, which helps it grow strong from leaf to root.

This LED grow light weighs 24.25 pounds and has dimensions that make it perfect for small to medium spaces—39.29 inches long, 35.43 inches wide, and just 2.92 inches tall. It runs cool, too, producing only about 1586 to 1706 BTUs per hour, depending on how you set up the driver; this means less heat in your growing area and happier plants all through their growth cycle!

Pros & Cons

As we look at the Photontek X 465W Pro LED Grow Light, let's now explore how it can help or hinder your indoor garden.

  • It spreads light evenly. This makes sure all plants get the light they need.
  • The light works great for small spaces like tents and rooms.
  • Made with top parts, this grow light is strong and lasts a long time.
  • It helps plants grow well because it has full-spectrum light.
  • You get lots of light power from this LED, which is good for your plants.
  • Its design helps to cover more area, so every plant gets enough light.
  • It's a smart choice for all stages of growing plants.
  • There are no clear downsides listed for this model, but always consider your own needs when choosing.

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Mars TSW 2000 Indoor Full Spectrum Led Grow Light

Mars TSW 2000 Indoor Full Spectrum Led Grow Light

The Mars TSW 2000 beckons to the serious indoor gardener, delivering a robust full spectrum light designed to mimic natural sunlight and support plants through every growth stage. Its advanced capabilities promise to elevate your indoor garden's productivity while maintaining an energy-efficient profile that won't inflate your electricity bill.

Features & Description

Mars TSW 2000 lights up your indoor garden with a full spectrum that's just right for plants at all stages, from tiny seeds to big blooms. It's a power saver, too—using only 300 watts to brighten a 4x4ft space.

This LED grow light is perfect for smaller areas like planting cabinets and comes with handy dimmer settings so you can tweak the light as your greens grow.

Adjusting this light is easy; hang it high or low based on what your plants need. And don't worry about complicated setups—hanging height recommendations come included! If you've got 4-8 plants looking for some sun indoors, the Mars TSW 2000 has them covered.

Pros & Cons

The Mars TSW 2000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light caters to the needs of your indoor plants. It offers full spectrum lighting, making it good for different stages of plant growth.

  • The light provides full spectrum coverage, which means it supplies all the colors necessary for both the vegetative and flowering stages.
  • It's energy efficient and draws only 300 watts from the wall, which can help save on electricity bills.
  • The TSW 2000 covers a large area, up to 4'x4' for vegging and 3'x3' for flowering, suitable for several indoor plants.
  • Users have reported that plants stretch well under this light when switching to a 12/12 light cycle, indicating strong performance in promoting growth.
  • This light is designed to yield high-quality results. Many customers see better health and more blooms in their indoor gardens.
  • While energy efficient, 300 watts may still be high for plant growers with very small setups or those who are extra conscious of energy use.
  • The size of its coverage might not fit extremely tight spaces. Growers with limited room might not use this light to its full potential.
  • High intensity could stress sensitive plants if not managed properly with height adjustment and dimming settings.

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Spider Farmer SF1000D LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

Spider Farmer SF1000D LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

The Spider Farmer SF1000D LED Grow Light radiates a full spectrum, catering to all stages of plant growth with its well-rounded light distribution. Dive into the details and discover how this grow light stands out in efficiency and performance, offering tangible benefits for your indoor garden sanctuary.

Features & Description

Spider Farmer SF1000D LED Grow Light beams out a full spectrum, much like sunlight. It's got Samsung diodes that pump out high-quality light perfect for your plants. Whether you're just starting seeds or growing blooms, this light hits all the right notes with reds at 660-665nm, warm whites at 3000K, cool whites at 5000K, plus infrared rays to boost growth.

This grow light shines bright while staying cool—it's built with an aluminum heat sink that takes away any heat without making a sound because there are no fans. Keeping your plant space silent and serene! Plus, if you get water on it? No worries; its LED board won't mind because it's waterproof.

This makes it sturdy and safe around your leafy friends. Great news is it fits into many indoor spaces since it’s friendly for both new growers and those with lots of experience under their belts!

Pros & Cons

The Spider Farmer SF1000D LED Grow Light Full Spectrum is a top choice for many indoor gardeners. Let's look at what makes it good and where it might fall short.

  • It has Samsung diodes, which are known for their quality and long life. This helps plants grow strong.
  • Full spectrum lighting is great because it gives all the light your plants need at every stage – from when they start as seeds to when they have flowers or fruits.
  • You can buy this light in a pack of two if you have more plants. This means better light spread across your indoor garden.
  • The price is nice for your wallet, especially for beginner growers who want to start a hydroponic setup inside.
  • People really like this light! They give it five stars out of five in their reviews.
  • The SF1000D model shows how Spider Farmer keeps making new and better grow lights.
  • Inside the box, you get a guide that tells you how far away to hang the light from your plants and other useful tips.
  • Even though the price is good, some may still find it more expensive than other lights on the market.
  • If you have a very large space with lots of plants, you might need more than one set of these lights to cover everything well.
  • Some people might need extra help setting up or using the features correctly because there's so much tech in this light.
  • As with all electronics, there's always a small chance something could go wrong with the product, but customer service is there to help fix issues. 

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AC Infinity IonFrame EVO8 LED Grow Light

AC Infinity IonFrame EVO8 LED Grow Light

Crafted for the discerning grower, the AC Infinity IonFrame EVO8 LED Grow Light stands at the frontier of indoor horticultural illumination—its sleek design and advanced features promise to usher in a new era of plant growth and vitality.

Features & Description

The AC Infinity IonFrame EVO8 LED Grow Light is a powerhouse for your indoor garden. Packed with 2688 Samsung LM301H EVO diodes, this full-spectrum LED grow light floods your plants with the kind of light they crave for healthy growth.

It's not just any light; it's high-power plant illumination that covers an impressive 5x5 ft area, ideal for bigger spaces where you want to nurture more greens.

This lighting beast boasts a 730W power output and scores high on efficiency with a 3.14 µmol/J PPE efficiency rating—meaning your plants get more light per energy spent. What's super cool about the AC Infinity IonFrame EVO8 is its schedule controller, which lets you tailor the lighting schedule to suit your plants' needs perfectly.

Plus, you won't have to worry about shipping costs if you're in the US—it comes with free shipping! This smart investment aims at enhancing both plant growth rate and yields, making it perfect for serious indoor gardening enthusiasts looking to push their green thumb game to new heights.

Pros & Cons

The AC Infinity IonFrame EVO8 LED Grow Light is known for its high-quality Samsung LM301H EVO diodes. This light helps indoor plants grow well and costs $979.

  • High Efficiency: The light uses Samsung LM301H EVO diodes, which are very good at turning electricity into light, which helps plants grow.
  • Durable Diodes: These diodes last a long time, so your light will work well for many years.
  • Full Spectrum: It has a full-spectrum light, which means it gives out all the colors plants need to grow big and strong.
  • Adjustable Light Intensity: You can change how bright the light is with 10 different levels. This lets you use just the right amount of light for your plants.
  • Custom Scheduling: You can set up a schedule for when the lights turn on and off, which makes it easy to give your plants a steady routine.
  • Price Point: Even though $979 is fair, it might be too much money for some gardeners who are just starting out.
  • Intensity for Small Spaces: The powerful light may be too strong for very small growing areas or young seedlings if not adjusted correctly.

Expert Advice

Expert Advice

Experts say picking the right LED grow light is key for your plants. You want a light that gives off enough PAR. This means it shines all the colors plants need to grow well. Look at how the light spreads over your plants, too. Make sure it covers them just right, not too much or too little.

It's smart to get lights that can change for each step as your plant grows. Little seedlings need different light from big flowering plants. Use a full spectrum LED grow light that changes as your plant gets bigger and needs new things to stay healthy and strong.


Choosing the right LED grow light accessories can make a huge difference in your indoor garden. Think about what your plants need and pick stuff that fits well with your grow lights.

Remember to consider how big your space is, look for quality products, and keep an eye on your budget. With these tips, you're all set to give your plants the best light possible!


What accessories do I need for my LED grow light?

You'll want hangers or mounts to set up your LED grow light, and you might consider a timer or power strip to manage it.

Can using a timer with my LED grow light help my plants?

Yes – timers can automate when your lights turn on and off, giving your plants the right amount of light without hassle.

How does a hanging kit make using LED grow lights better?

Hanging kits let you adjust the height of your lights easily, which helps as your plants grow taller.

Do I have to get a specific brand's accessories for my LED grow light?

Nope, most LED grow light accessories are universal; just make sure they fit the size and model of your lights.

Is it hard to install these accessories onto my LED grow light system?

Not really; many accessories come with instructions and are designed for simple setup, so you can often do it yourself without trouble.


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