The past few years have been marked with a medical and pharmaceutical seismic revolution. During this period, research indicated numerous health benefits associated with the usage of cannabis. Consequently, many governments made efforts to legalize recreational consumption of cannabis  and its usage in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Now that recreational marijuana is legalized in Canada, residents of British Columbia acn play an active part in cannabis cultivation. However, those who are eager to begin their home-based cannabis gardening are subject to several rules and regulations. 

If you are eager to learn more about rules that apply in British Columbia and start your cannabis gardening by getting their hands on the best growing supplies, scroll down to learn more.  Our guide covers all that you need to know to start your own cannabis garden in British Columbia. 

Is it legal to grow Cannabis in British Columbia?

As a resident of British Columbia, we are sure you have a lot of questions about the legalization of growing the plant since many of you must be eager to begin cannabis gardening privately in their home spaces. Here is good news for you, it is legal to grow cannabis in your home. 

However, there are some conditions to be met. 

  • Age Restrictions: 

Firstly, the individual must be 19 years of age.

  • Growing Guide: 

Only four cannabis plants can be grown per household. Whether you live on your own or have a family, you can only grow four cannabis plants. 

  • Location: 

You should stay cautious while selecting your location. Cannabis cultivation is forbidden if it is accessible from a public location. 

Moreover, you may grow in your own home but you cannot grow at more than one location at the same time. 

Additionally, according to the legislation, no part of a residence that is authorized to function as a community care center or offers child care services is permitted to grow cannabis. 

  • Rules for rent or lease agreement: 

Another rule is that the resident is not allowed to grow the plant unless he has full permission from the landlord or the owner of the property.  If the rent or lease agreement says otherwise, you are not allowed to grow the plant. 

  • Medical needs: 

Those who want to purchase cannabis or marijuana for medical needs require authorization by a healthcare provider and should be  registered with Health Canada. 

Best Growing Supplies for Hydroponics:

If you want to get the most out of your cannabis garden, we have some incredible recommendations for you. Canada Grow Supplies is one of the most prominent retailers of plant growing equipment and supplies. Their website has a plethora of supplies that you can choose from. Some of the most crucial equipment are listed below: 

Significance of grow light for Indoor Gardens:

Grow lights are the heart of indoor growing and seeding. Without grow lights, it is very difficult for the plant to take the correct shape once they grow. Grow lights not only give off lights to the seeds and plants but also helps to regulate temperatures so that the plants can thrive.

Spider Farmer SE3000

If you have just started planting, a suitable and well-balanced grow light is the Spider Farmer SE3000. This light is great for those who want to plant a small amount or have just taken planting as their hobby.


Best Nutrients for cannabis:

Nutrients determine how strong and how big the harvest will be of the plant. While growing, it is crucial to give the plants appropriate nutrients so that their health is not compromised. 

  • Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth Organic: 
  • If you are considering buying nutrients, do have a look at Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth Organic. It offers a wide range of essential nutrients such as Sulfur, Nitrogen, Iron, and Phosphorus. It doesn’t only contain nutrients that are crucial for cannabis growth but also multiplies the metabolism of plants to absorb nutrients.

    Grow Tents for Indoor Gardening: 

    Grow tents come in a variety of sizes and prices, depending on the quality and the equipment it has inside them. They are a very important piece of equipment that needs to be used for indoor growing.

  • Spider Farmer Indoor Grow Tent

  • Grow tents are a one-time investment so you should prioritize quality to a great extent. Spider Farmer 3 x 3 x 6 Indoor Grow Tent is a great option for tenderfoot or someone who is an intermediate planter. This grow tent controls the light and temperature, which is an integral part of indoor planting.

    The interior of the tent has diamond reflectors so that plants can get enough light. It has a strong, metal frame and the tent itself is quite dense so that it can carry a lot of weight. There are a lot of decent-sized windows as well so that you can view the plants and also the plants can get ventilation easily.

    Shipment Guide to British Columbia:

    Luckily for you, Canada Grow Supplies has the policy to dispatch the shipping order in 2-9 days. Residents living in British Columbia will get their equipment within 4-5 further days. So within a week’s time, you can begin your cannabis gardening with these essential supplies. 

    Final Thoughts: 

    Since the cannabis industry is still thriving, we can relate to all your queries regarding rules, regulations and growing essentials to start your cannabis garden.  We hope our guide cleared all your queries about the plant. You can now place your growing essential order at Canada Grow Supplies and egt started with your cannabis project. Happy Planting!

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