House and Garden Van De Zwaan Amino Treatment

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Discover the House and Garden Van De Zwaan Amino Treatment

After years of research and development, House and Garden Van De Zwaan Amino Treatment proudly announces Amino Treatment , a new exclusive and revolutionary product contributing to the qualitative and quantitative growth of your crop of fruit, while ensuring robustness and health of your plants beginning at the end of their growth cycle.

Amino Treatment contains silica microparticles that reinforce the cell wall, making your plants more resistant to disease and insect infestation.
It regulates cell respiration and increases the efficiency of the plant transpiration.
Your plants will also have better tolerance to salt, which will avoid any blocking the absorption of nutrients and they will better adapt to climate fluctuations.
This results in better resistance to stress.

Amino Treatment also contains a growth stimulator and single flowering, from a plant extract seeds.
Plants always add a regulating reserve their seeds, constituted a kind of plant-based enzymes and amino acids that significantly stimulates root development, growth, and fruit formation.

Amino Treatment includes oligopeptides, which accelerates the absorption and distribution of nutrients in the whole plant.

The use of Amino Treatment results in a better distribution of nutrients in the leaves, higher photosynthesis ratio, stronger stems, higher root activity, increased fruit production, both in terms of quantity and from that of quality, and higher sugar content.

Created, developed and perfected in the laboratories of House & Garden, the Netherlands, and rigorously tested in greenhouses in Canada, the US, Australia, and Europe, Amino Treatment produces impressive results. Give it a try today: you have to see to believe.

Used in any substrate. Use at the first day of vegetative growth and stop the application three weeks before the end of the flowering cycle.

Detailed description

– Iron (Fe) chelated by DTPA soluble in water : 0.27%
– Available sizes 250ML, 1L,
– FERTILIZER NF U 42-002-2 Made in Holland by House & Garden

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1x House and Garden Van De Zwaan Amino Treatment


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250 ML, 1 L