Gaia Green Soluble Seaweed Extract (0-0-17)

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Discover Gaia Green SOLUBLE SEAWEED EXTRACT 1-1-17

Gaia Green Premium Organic Fertilizer Blends are designed to meet specific requirements, and to improve the general vitality of your soil. Organic gardeners and farmers everywhere are discovering the benefits of using Gaia Green Premium blends.

Our Blends are formulated using only the finest organic and mineral inputs to ensure a range of essential nutrients. All of our products are made with no added synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, providing you with an alternative to conventional products.



Soluble Potash (K₂O)………………………………….17.0%



  • Contains nutrients to support plant growth and soil biological activity.
  • High in available potassium.
  • Excellent as a foliar spray.


Directions for Use:

Gardens, landscapes, and lawns: Dissolve 4 g into 4 L (1 tsp into 1 gallon) of water and apply as a soil drench up to every 2 weeks, especially during periods of moisture and heat stress.

Foliar spray: Dissolve 1 g into a 1 L (1/4 tsp into 1 qt) spray bottle of water. Shake well and spray the plant liberally. For outdoor plants, apply in early morning or later in the day when sun is off the plant. Ensure no rain is forecast for a minimum of 24 hours post application.

Store in a cool, dry location, out of direct sunlight. Protect from frost and other climatic extremes. Seal packaging between uses.

Available Sizes

300G, 1.2KG.


Gaia Green Organics

Gaia Green Organics Products Ltd. is devoted to producing the finest performance through feeding the soil with quality organic amendments. We are dedicated to encouraging an increase in organic products in our urban and rural communities. Our commitment to social and environmental responsibility as a company has driven us to provide our customers with the best products.


Since 1990, our products have been distributed to garden centers, municipalities, farms, and garden markets across the country. We inventory the largest selection of organic fertilizer in Canada to meet the specific nutrient requirements of our diverse customers. Our products go beyond N-P-K technology, and are designed to increase biological activity, enhance natural biological processes and complete the mineral complex in the soil. This approach advances the soil's ability to cycle nutrients naturally and increases plant vitality to an optimum level.

Gaia Green Products Ltd. s'attache à produire les meilleures performances en nourrissant le sol avec des amendements organiques de qualité. Nous nous engageons à promouvoir une augmentation de l'utilisation des produits biologiques dans nos communautés urbaines et rurales. Notre engagement en matière de responsabilité sociale et environnementale en tant qu’entreprise nous a poussés à fournir à nos clients les meilleurs produits.


Depuis 1990, nos produits sont vendus dans les centres de jardinage, les municipalités, les fermes et les marchés de jardinage à travers le pays. Nous possédons la plus grande sélection d'engrais organiques au Canada pour répondre aux besoins spécifiques en nutriment de nos différents clients. Nos produits vont au-delà de la technologie NPK et sont conçus pour accroître l'activité biologique, améliorer les processus biologiques naturels et compléter le complexe minéral présent dans le sol. Cette approche améliore la capacité des sols à recycler naturellement les nutriments et augmente la vitalité des plantes à un niveau optimal.

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300G, 1.2KG