CenturionPro Gladiator Wet & Dry Bud Trimming Machine SS

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Centurion Pro Gladiator SS Wet & Dry Bud Trimming Machine

Constructed in 304 stainless steel and nickel-plated aluminum the SS Trimmers are built to meet industry compliance and surpass industry expectations.

Featuring a food-grade hopper, nitrided cutting blades, double
sealed bearing chamber, and maintenance free food-grade stainless steel bearings.

Variable Speed Control empowers growers to better trim a wider variety of strains, regardless of flower size, shape, or density. Increase velocity for a higher feed rate with wet or heavy resin coated buds or slow it down to be
extra gentle on dried flower.

The Gladiator is the perfect commercial-sized trimmer in the market. Process up to 125 pounds of wet product or 25 pounds of dry product in an hour.

The Gladiator employs an efficient segregation system. Your strains are preserved with a finely tuned diverter, and a triple-bag system saves your kief for succeeding use.

Want to increase efficiency? The Gladiator has upgrades for you to increase your output.

Upgrade the electropolish tumblers with the Quantanium Coated Tumblers that handles buds with care with 40 percent trichome preservation.

Add a CenturionPro Bucker to help you de-stem your product while doing the job of 20 people. Choose between the 120 pound or 500 pound capacity for bigger yields per hour.

The Gladiator comes with a 10-year warranty, giving you peace of mind.


  • High Power:
    With an hourly capacity of 125 pounds of wet material or 25 pounds dry, the Gladiator Trimmers can do the job of 100 people without sacrificing quality..
  • Efficient Segregation:
    Preserve multiple strains with the Gladiator’s finely tuned diverter and save your keif for later use with the keif collection system.
  • Filter Kief as you trim:
    The triple bag collection system lets you collect the Kief as you trim. When you’re done trimming, your kief will be filtered as well.
  • Upgradable:
    Integrate the Gladiator with the CenturionPro Buckers for a seamless process. HP and GC buckers are ready to join your Gladiator. Contact us to order an extra Tumbler or the Variable speed upgrade.


  • Does the job of 100 hand trimmers without sacrificing quality
  • Hourly capacity of 125 pounds of wet material or 25 dry
  • Finely-tuned diverter preserves your strains
  • Covered with a 10-year warranty.

What is Included

  • CenturionPro Gladiator
  • Leaf Collector
  • Hopper
  • 2x Hybrid Tumblers
  • Keif Collection System


Variable Speed Control (Optional, Contact us)

Improve trim quality with the CenturionPro Variable Trim Control.

The Variable Trim Control lets you customize settings to trim your buds in the best way possible.

Whether you trim wet or dry, the Variable Trim Control lets you have an adaptable speed that allows you to be gentle on your dried buds or finish faster with wet or resin-loaded buds.

Especially when you trim different strains, the Variable Trim Control lets you adapt to the delicate nature and shape of your buds.

And because of its customizable features, the Variable Trim Control is the best supplement you can have to scale up your potential.


Centurion Pro Gladiator

Description Specification
Input Voltage 7A * 115V NA
Dimensions 30″ x 35″ x 27″
Weight 150 lbs
Tumbler Diameter 6.5″
Cuts Per Minute 75,000+

Centurion Pro Gladiator Leaf Collector

Description Specification
Input Voltage 22A – 220V NA
Dimensions 23″ x 22.5″ x 19.5″
Weight 90 lbs
Horse Power 4HP
Airflow Capacity 3000 CFM


CenturionPro Solutions (the manufacturer) will repair or replace, without charge, any parts have proven defective in material or workmanship for a period of 10 years on the Trimming Machine and 3 years on the Leaf Collector.

The warranty period will begin on the date the machine(s) is purchased by the initial purchaser. Product or component warranty defects can be remedied at any authorized service dealer, or directly at the manufacturer.

Any service work performed, and deemed valid due to a defective part, will be free of charge. CenturionPro Solutions reserves the right to use any manufacturer-approved replacement part for the warranty repair.

The machine or defective part then must be returned to the manufacturer for analysis or replacement at the cost of the owner. Parts deemed to be covered under the warranty will be provided for free excluding shipping costs.

Do not return the machine to the place of purchase for repair or warranty claims, unless you have been authorized by CenturionPro Solutions to do so. The place of purchase can only sell replacement parts and will not repair any warranty issues unless it is noted as an authorized repair dealer and has been authorized to work on your machine.



Additional information

Weight 201 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 28 in